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Part I. Cap.xo. · ~ ) · .AffiiEled Confcimcecr. mock! when 1ourjeare r:ommeth. When your foar.e com.. tnefh JU tfe{ot~ttion, Ana JOUr rieflr.uflion tommeth IU tJ. whirlwinde; when diftreffi, .and an:guifo commeth upotz 7ou. Then {hall t,he1 call upon t)J,{ee, but I wilt not anfwer : t'hry /hall fee~ mee early, but they foall not finde . '11UC: for fhltt theJ hated 'kztowfedge, an1 did not chufo _the f~are of the Lord, They wvuld none if my coun[efl .: they dejpifed all my reproofo. Therefore /hall thq eatB the fruit of their owne wa1 , and bee filled with their cwne devifls. I fay, when this terrible time is come Hofca 13 1 Hpon thee ; then will the-mighty Lord of heaven and • ' ea·rth come aga.infr thQe~ ~ M a Bettn that io bereaved of her whet~-, and -~ 1/ rent th; catele of thy heArt, and will de_voure. thee l~k$ a. Lion : H_ee w_ill t:ome with fire ! Ifaiab 66. I r; and mth Hu chanots l1k! a_Wht-rlwmde, to render Hu -anger.with {IW1' :and His ~ebu~~ wi~h jlame_s of fire : '-All hts terrours at thathoure wlil fight ag~tnfl: Thee, and that unquenchable anger, that burnes to the verJ ko.ttotne ·of Hell, t~tnd fits on fire the foundations of the _ mountainu. · The empoyfoned Arrowes of His fierce£1: Oem. 3'• he indignation fhall-be drunk! with the bloud of thy foule, and fiicke fa£\: -in it forever. In a word, thefCarefull armies ofall the plagues and clirfes, iorrowes and un- ·{ufF:rable paines denounc' d in Gods Booke again£\: finall Impenitents , lhall with unrefifl:able violence take hold upon thee at once, and purfue thee with that fury' which thou £halt never be able either to a-"' voide, or abide. And who u able to ftand 6ifore thi.t holy Lord (jod? who can ahid~in His fight when Hee:u lln(ry ! who cAn deliver o;et of Hu hand? what man or A~gtll: what arme of flefh or force of Armes, what creature, or created power : what Cherub or which of the Seraphins is :tble to free a guilty confcience, from the ever-gnawm~ worm:e, and an impenitent wretch from eternall flames? Oh, Me thinkes a fenfi~ ble fore-thought of thefe horrible things even at hand, fhould make the hard eO: heart of the moO: abhoD 4 minable