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Secl. 1. InftrufliqnJ fer -a right comforting _.,;...,.~~-- 8· 1'heopl'orer1 of the minitlery wh.> thould coftfider, that cit A P. ·x. T'ht thirel fort of tuopi~ to he reproved,, . -which are the •ppofers of a fOwerfu/1 mmiflery. Threereafon.s dijfw~tdint men from thitr-:Jinne. . ' Third fort, the worfr of all and moft pcl,lilent, are thofe, who doe not oriel y not labour in the time of harvefl: to treafure up comfortar. . ble ptovifton againft dayes ·. of ' • < dread , : and rpifpend the Day of their v~fttation wickedly; bht alfo out of a tranfcendent A:raino ijf ilnpiety, labour might and maine, to £Ut. out'll~d ·utterly 'extingui!h tbe heavenly 'Stmn~~ that cteates"'t!Jis ·bldfed day, ·and makes thefeafon of our fpir_ittiall harvefl: mofl: glorious_,and incomparable: I meane to fuppreffe and quench theiiving light of ~ po:":erfull M~nifl:ry, w~er~e\rer planted, and pre· vathhg'; . ander t~e fae~ed mfluenc~, ·_and fovera1gne heat whereof, all Gocls . hidden·Onu are wontt~ ~a· ther 'that heavenly.fl:ecke of gtace, Comforts or godlinetfe, and good'confcience, which is able to hold up · their heads invintibl}' in heavie t_imes. Thefe are the / vilefl €if men, a~d of the mofl: * forlornt hop~ : for • Let us not bee fcor- they ate ·unhappily ftanfported with extreatnefl: m a.. ~t's Idlers, :~nd De- 1. •,d 11. • :I ri. h ' ·. ·h· 1 ride:s; for thatis the ·lee, an · 1~0rme ag<Hun. t e very r~eanes, w IC 1 utterlnoft token and lhould fimd:lfie them, and Men, whtch lhould fave thew of a reprobate, them. They doe not only make their owne foules fure of a plai~ee!lcmr to for ~dan11nati0n, but alfo hiader the power of the God m htSWitedome. Word all they· can :**~ell: 'others lhould 'bee lived. Htm. Of fomeplamof ' ..11. f. • ·s&riptum, by which Whatfoever thou do~;;u, ~oe not become one o th1s fome ta~e ojfe11ct, '1'.1. damned crue: who heartily defire, that tl~e Sunne of ~: K,;-'"-uovT~v My-d.~ Gncere preaching were quencht,and put out,though it '!0'~ e:Jv~~~ "-~»11!:U were with the bloud of Gods faithfnllell: Me!feng~s ; !11 !1. :-'~6'11• 1 Thef. .as did the Men of Anathoth inleremiahs time,}e,·.u. #O.l... ' 19. 2.1.