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~art. t ,. Cap. r_o _. .. ~Jf!if!f1 ·Confoie.tife~;. f-9 ~9~ ;I~'"- (a- ) Heroc/jttf _itJ ftlhp Bl?£til/;.s tj~, and. ;l~ar i•) .She pre '~'dlflh~,~ (h) other Herodia.s_ Improperly called •Euda.v•a- ·m Baptifis bead before· John ChrJ{offomes ume7 and m_a,ny thoufands, even_,the lulfe of Hcrodt-: within the Pale of tbe Church at all times. Above all, ~J.mlgdomet, ~ar • 6 d· 1 ~· · .- . . . . f ( ) ~:, . ·rt;pm:r ra ,e u oxu'! I ·fay, Beware of t?<lt crymf$ :c pe~1ecunng (li riw ,rm' info· · the power of godhndfe, Without wh1ch n~ver atvj ~pfamtrans.fii't &._ i!Ji!fj' heart knew what true comfort meant : Pn;,feffion of •mka .quafi adcjtu ~gthe truth without which Chrifr will not·owne U3 at nomm:a~ elata e~ijii• . • " r_. bl . ·n ' d h r_ mans, atsud &IJW<t~/tum th~ lafl: ~ay : c_on~cwna e MI111.lL~rs, un er w 01e e,i(upor~tmcontra eron' · pa111~fulll~bours, we gather our fptntuall and heavenly cogendu curat• .fi0arc: Store againfr eviU time~ in this harvel.l of grace:: And inteUcfla !oannes perthat either With tbitlC heart,by hatred, n,alice, heqrt- c_elebrem tUaf1!&1Jn_cionC.· burning : With thy tongue) by flanderS' fccffi:S, talh J~nf4l!CI le~dll_ rectt(tav~t ,Cff.,.. rc . '· 1 h' h d b r. l . - :ffi ' cxor mme :Hero·- cemtlres :: :VIt.l t 1r1e an '· ~ 1upp anttn~,<;>Pl?,te ~on, di~t, denuo in[11nire~de:.. wrong~ With-thy purff:,pol}.Cle,,p().Wq.t;,~mf-tntonmng, n11o commov~ti, dem••' or any ot;her way of vexing, o~ vio~en_ce.: If thou \Vril.t (att~r·epergi~:de~uo eaneeds be·wtcked,: lDe fo more moder;atcly·: Iftherebee·Put Ioannu t~n difco ac ~ h 1 b . l '1 H 11. . [~ r. c-_ • ·o 6zpert 1t~fmt. Socrar no e pe, ut t 1ou Wl t to e , po 'not 10 runou Y, :: Hill Eccldiafi 1-b 6 •• If nothing wilt: W()rke,. butthouar.twilfully-bept t-o cap. ,6. ' ·t ' •· be damned,be ~a~rt~4: r)O~e~ tolerably._, For P~rfe~uto:Sj (c) Let none marvelli a.!'e tranfcenderitf , 10 ~nn~~ and fhall·hereafter b~_5:paid w?y I. here meddle: home proportionabl y. Be none of them fur fuqh ,rca...· wFh. Pc:r~ecut~rs, e· fo h f< . · • · · fpec1ally m · tb1s rime: ns as t e .e. . • . . . . of peaceandprofperi-- r . All thetr ~ahce and rancour, all their b1tter. ry of the Gofpell· words and lCpr.nefuJl jefrs: all their blous:[y, merc'i:leik·thti it were unnece~· mifthiefes, and ma~h~nations againit ~he power. 0f.'ry and w.nfc:afOnable :: preaching,. ati& Gods people;)frrike immedia~efy at rhe!Fo.r IAI1'1fm t~h us t~;t· c... f r ,r; Ch 'f} A' a. . _ S l l h. · Y•· I·max1me f!lr;e:• r'<lte o .~oe;m· r-11 , e-a 9. ), . au , Sa~ , 'Wry Ferfocu- q1umtur Eccltjlam, IJ.fli' teft thou md And at the prettous Ball,. and Apple of C~r•fliani, nolunt.bc?Jt; Gocts owneeye:.Zech.2~8. Forheethattou'heth'you v1vere•. P'fr hiJs-cnim . toucheth the ~pp le-of Hu eye•. God is our Slii.eld p.ral opproimmn. ka~et'!~~te.,_- 8' · · N th Shi ld k 11 h b · ' 1 • Jia,& ab-hu m~mmttttJ < f. U, OW e. e ,ta CS a t e: !oWeS, fuflinet, quando CfJrri- . pillntur, quando male.· vwere11on pe~·mittuntur,quan~o cum eii velverba agit:tr, ipfi mala in {uis cordili~U meditarJtur) , & m~mpend1 occt~fionem reqmrunt:. In P'fillm.j.o. p:~g. :to~. Thole efpecially perfecute tl1e: Chll:ci_J, .who profeffing Chrinianity will notlivc gracibu!1y, &o. (•} I . They p,erfecutc: Chnfr Himfc:lfc.. . · · , 2!, . They;