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THB EPISTLE fo valiant an army, as that Noble ArmyofMartyrs, men- tioned in the eleventh Chapter to the He6rerres ? How can they want fpirit that derive their courage from no lefíeAuthor than the Lionofthe TribeofIuda. Nay , it were no hard matter to prove , ( might Irecede from an Epi(ile,to puriliea Common place) That no man canbe truly valorous ; but he that is truly religious. As this Courage ought tobe in all that feare God : fo fpecially in thofe that are Magilirates , and fit in the feats of fullice, the very Tribunal's of God himfelfe : For them tobe dallardly and fearefull, is to fhame their Ma- iler. Give mec therefore leave , by fome warrant from the Author , in your perfon ( whom Icannot but com- mend in this particular) to preffe this verrue upon all that beare rule in their Countrey. It is part ofthe offence of Inflice of'Peace, tobe a man ofCourage. The coun- teal sa., fell of Iethro to Mofes , was , tomake onely filch to bee *Or,able men, Magil}rates , as weremen of* courage , fearing God, &c. in th ca¡t trap- Wherein the Spirit ofGod preferres the daughter before Priors. the mo*her, and Fortitude before the Feare of ç o D of which itis the effet`l, becaufe it is more confpicuous in the eyes ofmen : For the feare of God is a thing bidden in theheart , but that which drawes it forth and makes it illu(irious , is that valour and high refo'utionof fpi- rit by which it worketh. Almighty God makes this good by an example of his owne choice. For when bee had appointed lefhua to fucceed cMofis, andhad mighti- ly fitpported his mindwith arguments ofhis owne aßî_ fiance and prefencewithhim, herequires nothing elfe of him, but to be Prong and of a good courage , witn many iterations of the fame thing in fuch phrafes as thefe, Be Ieth: I.6, 7, ffreng andofagoodcourage, be very couragioue , be nor a.. y, , s. fraid, be not difmaidr And , as if therewere noother ver tuedcfireable ina Magilirate, the people (in accepting him for their Captaine) reclaire ofhim noother conditi- on but this, Onely beffrong, and of a good courage. And the Law of this Land, which in this , as in snort other things,