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DEDICATORY. things , is parallel' with the LawofCod , ( as I could Thew) wouldonely lace thofc Nikes of Teace , which 4-srar.34. .;. are the Inca * valiant wenof the County. ca in rlr I fpeake not this to exclude all thole requifìtes ofwif- dome otá tar, ar that ought to bee in theholieft and molt valiant large.;, men. I may fay in thefe titres as the Apoftic faid ofano- ther vertue ,There isgreat reedofreifdcme, The children Heb. io. 36. of God ever have bcene ,1ü11 arc, and ever tray bee the wifefi men upon earth. Let an unwife world thinke what it lift. I mean not that wifdome (falfly fo called) wherebya generationofmen to fave their sktnnes , han- dle a good caufe like a Veniceglaf fe , loath they are to doeany thing that may offend great perfonswith whom theywould comply : or expofe themfelvcs to any dan- ger or lofle. (Thevery wifdome which caufed Francis Spira to defpaire.)This is rather cunning or craft : or,to linke them together in the larguage of the Apoflle, d conning craftinefe, it is not wtfdome. True wif- b Eph.4. ¡4. dome in the morali Schooles of Philofophy , and in the purer Schooles of Divinity , is that Qeeneof virtues, which, like the foule inthe body, giveth life and' infor- e Anima eû oration toall the ref} , commands all the affcetions , regu- tota in toto,& lates all the actions damns life,and addsanaetive quick- tota power , to everyvirtue , to every faculty in man, directing them to a blefted ifTue. So that a wifeman is a valiant man , ajkff man , a temperate man, anbumble man , &c, But bee that is addieted toanyvice, a fer- vant to any luft ; proud,angry , ambitious , fearefnll, cove- cl Arilletk6.; torsi &c. is in all found Morality and Divinity a very itbic. foule : Solue vir boner ( faith that great °Phylofopher) Et bolus pru-1 revera eft prudens , pnely agoodmax as a wife-man. And dens Cetera eft King Salomonmakes this Pbilofophygood'`Divinity,Pre. vrr bonus :cone try ílolidik M. Verb. 4. wifdorne is too high forafools : by whom itnprudentes throughout the Proverbes bee manes a wicked man. Punt mali. There is a connexion in the virtues, the way tobeewife, Keck. Oft. x- is to begood , and the tobe coaragicsu, isto be wife, rhic. Lib. r.cap. A wifematt uftrong, and aman of notrlcd e faith ;Salo- g'p' f k. g ( Pro, ,1448.;.! a 3 anon)