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Dìfcoúrfe of true ippinefe. .29. depthof hisowne bounty bath reached unto him, whatfoe- ver gifts bee bath; whether of body or mind, ofhonours or outward poflefl'ions, of nature or grace : andbee fhall finde farregreater reafon tobee continually grieved and humbled, that the bright and unfpotted beames of Gods fanc`tifying Spirit, are foully darkened and lefhened inhis body of death ; then tobee exalted inhis owne conceit, in that it bath plea- fed God ofhis meere and free mercy to illighten thedarknes of his heart ;.without which fupernaturall illumination, hee fhouldhave lived inhlindnefle and miferably until! death ; and after this lifebeene calf out into utter darkenefhe and re- medilef%defolation. Fourthly, let him take heedhow he harbors and nourifhes this viper of fpirituall pride in thebofome ofhis foule;left it taking unfeafonable beate and warmth from his zeale, en- danger thewhole frame,of his newman : Eitherby perfwa- ding him to imbrace forte groundleffe finguiarity of un- warrantable opinions ; which by reafon ofhis vertues will fpread moreplaufibly,and byconfequent more dangeroufly. Fora perfwafionof integritie is not onely a motive to roote anopinion deepely in amans owne appreheníon ; but alto a meanes tomake it morecurrant and paffablewith the admi- rers ofhis graces. Orelfe this fpirituall pride may (by Gods jua judgement) draw upon him adeadneffe ofheart", adul- nefle ofzeale, an intermiffron ofoperationsof grace; which the childof GodBoth infinitely more feare,then any af1liai- on or crouie that can poffibly befall him fromprophane men; either upon his body,or flate,or good name. Thefe reafonsmay juftly moove every faithful! Chriftian, with much earneftneffe andprayer to labour after, and fettle Purely inhis heart, a true andundiîfembled humilitie; as the onely foveraigne meanes to preferve the life andvigour of his graces inhis owne foule,tlseir fruit andbenefit to others, their bleffing and acceptation with God : and with the watchfalleff eye ofhis fpirituall wifedome,to hold in perpe- tual! jealoufie thecunningHeights and windings of this ín- finuative fin of priviepride; that both fo peftilent acanker D 2 ma 4