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30 c....l Difc®urfeßf true happineffe. may be kept outofthe foule, and the paffage may be (loptto privie hypocrifie; withwhich, I toldyou before, Satan loth endeavour with might and maille to difcomfit and difgrace the a&ions and exercifes, evenofthe child ofGod. a The fecondkind of Hypocrifie is grofl-e hypocrifie ; by which a manprofeffeth that which is not inhis heart at all, and fo deceives others,but not in his owne heart. And this is molt properly hypocrifie : for the Greeke word ÚacxPrirt, fig- nifieth a Stage-player; who fometimesputteth on the robes and majellieof a Prince, himfelfe being of a bafe and neg- leaed fiate : Or the gravitie andwifedome ofa Counfellor, . himfelfe being of rogifli and diffolute conditions : Some- times he reprefentetha chaff andmodel} lover, his owne life being a pradife of uncleannefle : Sometimesbee afffumeth a good and honeft vocation, his owne beingaccurfed and un- warrantable. Even fuch is the grpffe Hypocrite upon the ftage of this world,avery painted fepulchre andwhitedwal ; glorious indeed in outward fafhions and folemnities, in fhewes andreprefentations to the eye of the world ; butif it were poffible for aman tomake an exac enquirie into the dole and hiddenpaflàges of his heart, hee fhould finde many blacke and bloody, proje6 s, for compaf ling revenge even. upon furmifed oppolites; many ambitious fleps built upon flattery and diffembling, bafeneffe andbribery for his riling and preferments; many flinging fwarmes of fiery lufts and impurethoughts, which are either fpent in fpeculative wan- tonnefl'eand the adulteriesof the heart; or elfe for feare of the worlds notice,breake out onely into a orange and fecret filthineffe. In a word, under the vaileof his outward religi- oufneffe, hee íhould fee a perfec`l: anatomyofthe infinite and deceitfull corruptions of the heart of man, and many plau- fble and politique conveyances to bleare the eyes of the world; howfoever wretched man upon his owne filly and forlorne foule he certainely drawesan exceeding waight of vengeance. This kind ofhypocrite is more miferable, and of leffie hope then theopen fnner. Firft,becaufe lie finned) againfl the light of his confcience, which