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T E P I S T L E tom) encreafethPrengtb. From all which it is cafie to conclude , and hard to be gain-laid , that a cowardly per- fon , let him fwell never fo big , let him carriehis cre(} never fo high , is neither wife norgood. The wicked flee Prnv. 23. Is whenno manpurfueth,but the righteous areboldat a Lyon. The kindly venting of thole twoaffeftions of finger and Lovebath made mee low,. this argument, and mu`è now bee my excufe. That of Anger, at the prefènt dege- neration of mens mindes from that noblene[%of fpirit that was wont to bee in the fervants of G o n : the other of love to you , in encouraging you to as high refolutionsas ever; though hee bee taken away that was to youas Olofes to Iofhinab, your tutour in your youth, your fingular infiruttor by his powerfiill Mini(}ery in your after-yeares : and ever your friend till bee went hence, and was feene no more. Among(} thofe many fpeechcs of his , which in his ordinary conference pafl'cd from himby weight, and not by number ; I will re fume one inyour hearing moll fittingmypurpofe : Inno-. ceneyandindependency (faid he) make the braveft fpiritr, And it cannot be otherwife : for, that mans heart which is upright with G oD , and depends upon him alone, is ól invincible courage, and becomes like the fpirit of Martin Luther , who, when neuves was brought tohim that both the Emperour and the Pope threatned his Tovita Lu- ruin , anfwered thus in (hors , but very ftoutly Cheri. Contempttts eft .i me Romanner furor & fervor , Ifcorne PCaI.. 108. 6. the wary? the `Pope can doe : like that of' `David, The L o it D to on ray fide, Iwill notfeare what man can doe tento mee. What youheardhim fpeake, you faw him praelicc; Iudo. a. 2 }. For, I may fay ofhim as was fard ofOdeon Such as the man io ,fo is hisftrength : hee was one ofa thoufand for piety and courage , which were fo excellently mixed with wifedome , that they who imagined mifchief a- gainft his. MiniE ery ( for, lao. other occaaon could they ever