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e/S Difcourfeof true happinef eo which manner of finning makes him incapable of faving- graces. For how can thatheart, which toi,narurall hardnes addeth avoluntary obfirmation in finne, and refinance to godly motions, receive the foftening & fanctifying fpirit of God ' How fhould thofeunruly afe6tions bee tamed by the powers of Religion,whopleafe themfelves, and hold it their greatengiöry to feeme molt moderateoutwardly, when in- wardly they boyle moil intemperately in lufi,pride,malice, contempt ofzealous fimplicitie, and in other fouleft pollu- tions ? How fhould the brightnes of wifedome thine, where the windowes of the foule are Phut dole, wilfully and upon fet purpofe ? Secondly, by reafonofthe {pining lampe of an outward profeffion, howfoever he want the oyleof grace inhis heart, bee fo dazles the eies ofmen,that he barres himfelfe ofthole reproofes and wholefome admonitions, whereby the open finneris many times confounded andamazed inhis confci- enee, humbled and can downe in himfelfe, and happily re- claimed and converted, Thirdly, all publike reprehenlons and advertifemeñts from the Miniftery ofthe Word, although they be as foma- ny loudcries founding in his eares, to awake him out ofthe dead ¡lumber of hypocrifie; bee either interprets toproceed fromlome particular malice, or indifcreete heave; and fo paflèes them over with a bitter and peremptory cenfure ; or elfeout of theprideof his heart hee pofteth them over from himfelfe", as not infamous or notorious in the worlds opi- nion, and transferres them upon the open finners; being allured that in the judgement of others, whom bee blindes and deludes by his Art of Seeming, they belong not to him. Fourthly,he is juflly obnoxious to an extraordinary mea- lure ofGods hatred and indignation. For every ingenuous manout öfthe grounds ofmorality, holdeth in greaten de- tenation, a doubling and diflèmbling companion ; as a fel- lowofextreame bafenefl`e and fervilitie, molt unworthy to bee entertained, either into his inwardaffe uions and appro- D 3 bation, 2 3