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, Difcourfcoftrue happineffe. bation, op outward fervices and imployments; howmuch more theGodofheaven and earth, who feeth cleerely into the inmoft clofet of the heart ? For hell and deftrudion are before the Lord, howmuchmore the hearts of the fonnes of men ? I fay, howmuch more muff hee needs doublehis infi- nitehatred afroagainft the double iniqùitie of hypocrifie ? howmull his foule_.abhorre that wretched creature, -which beares the world in hand, and makes aThewunao men, that he Elands for God, and his honourand fervice; but indeed is a clofe faadr for Satan, his owne pleafures, and the powers ofdarkeneffea And as thehypocrite is fuhje& to Gods extra- ordinary hatred ; fo is hee lyable to an extraordinary weight ofvengeance : For when thewrath of thelord is once in- kindled againft him,it is powred out like fire, & burneseven to the bottome.of hell. His feare commeth like an horrible defolation, and his dei}ruyaion like awhirlewínde. Terrors (hall take him as waters,. and a,tempeft í(a11 carry him a- way bynight : And fo certaine are : thefe plagues , that as though the hypocritewere already turned into aDevill, or into the very fiery lake; it is faid in the Gofpel, ofother (in- ners, that they (hall have their portion with the hypocrite, where (hall be weeping andgnafhingofteeth. Good Lord, itis orange and fearefull, that fo nobleand excellentacreature as man, enduedwith reafon and vnder- (landin like an Angel of God ; having (befides the preci- oufnef a ofthe holy Hooke ofGod) thofegreat and umver fall motives, the immortalitie ofthe foule, the refurreótion of the dead, the joyes of the kindomerof heaven, the endleffe paintscifthe wicked, which except he be a damnedAtheift, bee loth certairely believe; and whereasbee might live on earth with unconquerable comfort, and chine hereafter as thebrightne1fe ofthe firmament; bee&companion ofSaints and Angels, and Eland in the glorious prefence of the .high- efi Majefliefor ever and ever: yet for all.this,will evenwil- fully againfl the light ofhis confcience , and with thecer- taineknowledge,of his heart, by his groffe hypocrifie; fe- cret abominations anduncleanneflt,priviepraóifesffor Tome wretched: