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of ,Ui[óurf oftrtae happinefe. flerous -; and therefore retires andrepelthhimfelfe uponhis formal}Chriflianity, as, the heft fiate he fees any poilïbility 6fattainingunto. But ifhe will fave his foule,i hemall ac- knowledgeand feele byhis own experience the truth ofthat faying 'of ifiz.59, r 5 . H_ ee that refi irarth from: evil }, mua, .lZth himflfe ez prey. For what childofGod is there truly convier- ted, who at thevery Fria fie;, oat ofthe world, and thevani, ties thereof, metnot with tira?ty croffes and difcouragementsi Heknowes, and may remet .Let full well whofoevér be be, howhis ovine flelh fretted when it felt it felfe flaffied and guided. by the Law of the Spirit ; -how by making cònfci- ence offiniie, he laidhimfelf moreopen to the advantages, wrongs and infiiltations of his enemies ; how thecompani- ons ofhis former lewdneffe and iniquity railed and raged again{} him, as againft an Apoftata from good fellowíhip and high refolution. And Satan, that he may give edge and vigour to all thefe vexations,: he buoybettirres himfelfe,and tufts about to hinder our converfion. While a prifoner. lies in adungeon Taft in fetters the Saylor is quiet and fecure;but ifhe once knocke offhis bolts, breake the prifout and efcape, there is prefeutly a tumultuous. clamour in the houle, the Countrey is raìfed, and heis followed with Hue andCrye: Even fowhile we liequietly in the captivityoffirme, under the chairesof eternall death, bee neither dal-quiets himflfè nor us : Eut ifby the mercies ofGod we be onceenlarged, and fet (cote into the liberty and lightofgrace : why then all the powers of hell are prefently in armes and uprore,' and with muchMalice and fury the roaraments of darkneff.: are fet on foote to regaine us intobis kins_dome. This point a peares in thefifthof the Canticles : Our blet d Saviour is there faid tonand at thedoore and knocke, being f_rll ofthe precious dewand drops of divine grace, and waiting pati ently iia the'cold and 'darkeneffe ofthe night but yet-we fee, what a doe and {litre thereis with the Chrifiian foule,before the cangetupout of the bed of pleatfires and vanity; the fweetneffecf finne and fenfuality had fo deeper pcffeft and bewitchedher, that byher excufes and de;layes fhee hazards fo