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uí Difccurfeof true happineffe. regenerate man, from the. Rate of formalihypocrifie. They are thefe : A feeling and fl eciall approbationof the.word-oflife, and promifes offalvation : a mcfl fervent expetition and thir- fling for the enjoyment ofthem aneff;.uallapprelienfion; a particular application ; ,afull perfwafion. ;_ a delightand joy thence rifùa;,found,: and unconquerable.. That you mayunderfland thefe, you muff conceive, that the foule oftods child,conìming frefli out ofthe pangs and terrors of his new-birth (a myftery to the formall hypo- crite) humbled under the mighty band ofGod, by a fight: and fenfe ofhis finnes, lookes upon the whole bodyofdivine- truth,as upon a precious jewell, whereinChrift and his gra- Cious promifèsChine unto himefpecially, as a (lone ofinefli- mable worth and valuation ;, whereupon with a peculiar deareneffe-he fets fùch a liking,, that with it he holds h.imfelfe anheite ofHeaven ; without it a child ofendlefle perdition. Hencefollowes anexpetition and defireofit, enforced with groanes unutterable ;. and a gafping for it, as the dry and thitfly ground for drops of raine,. Thirdly, he apprehends' it with a fadand everlafting hold.. Fourthly, he applies it clofely and particularly to his owne foule. Fifthly,he is tru- ly and fully perfwaded by Cods good Spirit, out of a cotí- fideration ofhis univerfall change, that it is his ownefor ever. Wily, lie lies downe in peace that paffeth all under- flanding : He is filled with joy, that noman can take from him : He delights in thegrace apprehended, as in a treafure farre more deareunto him then the glory of infinite worlds, or lifeit felfe. From, theTower and workings ofthis inward grace, fpring outward ac`lions, both in his generali calling ofChriftìanity, and. his particular vocation ; which by the mercies ofGod are faithfiill,. conflant,.?uniforme, - impartial!, refolute, univerfall,. comfortable. Whereas thofewhich are producedby the more weake and inferiour'degrees oftem- porary faith, incident to the formali hypocrite, are weake,., wavering, many times interrupted, variable ; guided much by occafions and the time,. forced byhope or fèare; fwayed' by, 1