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a Difcourfeoftruehappinefe. by fecret refpects to private ends, and worldly content- ments. 13nt.thefe inure inward markes of difference, howfoever by a fweeteand gracious experience they be felt, and ac- knowledgedof the child of God ; yet generally, and to the unregenerate, they are hidden myf}eries, and undifcernable to thebrighteft eye of the naturali Man. Therefore I will cometo thofemarkes of diffrerice betwixtthe ítate of for- mall hypocrifie, and faxing grace, whicharemore outward, familiar, and more generally, and eafilydifcernable.Of which one maybe this. T, The power of grace Both beget in a regenerate, man, a watchfulneffe,care and confcienceof fmaller offences, offe- cret finnes, offìnfùll thoughts, ofappearances ofevill, ofall motions of finne, of prophase company, of giving jof of- fence in indifferent a tions,and the like: whereas the formall hypocrite taketh not fuckthings as thefe much toheart, but either makes no confcience ofthem at all, holding -it a point ofprecifeneflè tobe too confcionable; or elfe proportions it to ferve his owne turne, or to give fatisfadion to others, And in förbearanceoffinnes he hath an efpeciall eye on °ly at thofe that may notorioufly difgracehim in the world, en-, tanglehim in danger oflaw,or vex his confcience with fume extraordinary terror. Let thofe then examine themfelves at this marke; who, howfoever fhamekeepe them from uncleanpra fifes, and gruffer ads offlthineflè; yet inwardly boyle m fpeculative wantonneffeandadulteriesof heart. Thofe, who howfoe- ver their indireEt meañes (peed not for mounting them- felves to high elate; yet fpend their bell thoughts alltheir lifelong,inprojeding and contriving; as though they were borne to advance thencfelves, and not tohonour God in theircallings.Thofe who though theydoe not enclofe, op- prefle andgrind the faces of thepoore ; yet have theirhearts exercifed in covetoufneff . Thofe,whorhòugh they have for- faken force finnes, yet maititaine in themfelves one-knowne fweete finne. Thofe,who thoú;h laves, and feare of danger reiraine