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e,/f Dffcourfe of true happinef . reftraine from railing Withopen mouthesagainít our State, yet harbour fecret repinings, murmurings, unthankefulnefle, and difcontentments. Even acontemptuous thought of a King, orlaw fullauthority, is a finneofhig.h nature : and me' thinker (for the miraculoufneffe of the difcovery) isparal- leid in Ecclefiafiies, to the bloodinef e ofaauall murther. That Which hathWings (faith the Preacher) "hall declare the natter. Laftly, let thofe examine themfelves at this marke, who cffr themfelves to thofe finfull occafions, breedersof rnany ftrange and fearefull mifchief°s, I meane prophane and oc- fcene Playes. Pardonmee, beloved, J cannot paffe by thofe abominable fpec`Jacles, withoutparticular indignation : For J did ever efteeme them (lincel had any underftanding in the waies ofGod) the grand empoyfoners of grace, Inge nuoufneffe, and all manly refolution : Greater plagues and infeaions toyour foules, then the contagious peftilence to yourbodies: The inexpiable flame and difhonour to this famous Citie : Thenoyfome Wormes that canker and blaft thegenerous and noble buds of this land; and doe by aflie andbewitching infnuation, fo empoyfon all feeds of vertue, and fo. weaken and emafculate all the operations of the foule,with aprophane, ifnot unnatural) diffoluteneffe ; that whereas they are planted in thefè worthy houfes ofLaw, to be fitted and inabled for great and honourable anions, for the publike good, and the continuance of the glory and happineffe ofthis Kingdome; they licentioufiv diffolve into wickedvanities and pleafures: and all hope Of their e- ver doing good, either unto God, the Church, their Coun- trey,or owne foules, nelteth as thewinter yce, and floweth away as unprofitable waters. 1hefe infamous fpeaaclesare condemned by all kindof found learning, both divine and humane. Diftinfdìonsdeviled for their upholding and d- fence, may give force (hallow and weake contentment to hpartial" and fenfuall aff.Ctions, poffeft with prejudice : but ow firma they be able to fatisfie and fcc ire a confcience fenfible ofall appearanceofevil!? How cari they prefàrve the indi 73 Chap. i a. ao.