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7'beatra definire pof/'unza, turpitudi- xis,vitio rúm¡ om- niun fen tinarn, ac fcboiam. Bodin. de répuGdib.6 cap i. Deut.yz. s ç..íl Difcourf oftrus happiiaeiP. inclinableneffe ofour corrupt nature from infe&ion, at thofe Schooley oflerodneffe andSiuke.r ofa!lfîus, as (toomit Divines, Councels, Fathers, Morali!1s, becaufe the point is not diref}- ly incident) even a * Politician calleth them. Alas, are not our wretched corruptions raging and fiery enough, being left to themfelves difperfed at their natiirall liberty; but they muff be united at thefe accurfed- Theaters, as in a hollow glaffe, to fet on flame the'whole body ofour n tturall vieiouf nekátonce;atidtoinrageit further with luft,.Riercejaeffe,and' effeminateneffe, beyond the conapatre of nature ? Doth any man thinke itpofíible, that the power ofPaving grace, or the pure Spirit ofGod can refide in his heart, that willingly and with,full confent feeds hcis inward concupifcence,with.fiich varietyoffïnfall vanities and lewdocca(ìons; which the Lord himfelfe bath pronounced to be an abomination unto him? How can any man that ever felt in his heart, either true love; or feareoffo dreadfull a Maj wfty, as the Lord of heaven and earth, endure to be prefent, efpecially. with delight and con- tentment, at Oathes,. Blafphemies, Obfcenities, and the aba- ting fometimes ofthe moil precious things in the Boo'.ee of God, (whereat we should tremble) to mofkbafe and fcurrill ¡efts ? Certainely every ChildofGod is of a right noble and heroicall fpirit ; and therefore is moff impatient in hearing any wrong, indignity, or dishonour off red to theWord, Name or gloryofhis Almighty Father. A fecond marke ofdiff_rence maybe this; The power of laying grace doth fubdue and fin;}ifie our of%iiòns with aconfcionable and holy moderation ; fo that they become ferviceable to the glory of God, and for a more refolute car- riageof good caufes.. and zealous difcharge ofall Chrilfian duties. But thebridlingofpassion in theformall hypocrite, is not fo muchof confcience ; as artificial', politicke, for ad- vantage, andby the guidance of morals difcrction : fo that if they be tempted by ftrong occafions, and violent o'bjeis, they many times breake out, to the ofGod, the difgrace of a Chrifkian profe[on, and the difcovery oftheir hypocrifie.