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I Difcourfeoftrim happine. 75. Let every man then examine himfelf at this marke, and with a Tingle eye andupright heart take a viewof his21f:di., i., ons;whether his joy be inward and fpirituall, that is, in the afl'arance ofGods favour,in his Word,in his children,in pray- er, and a continual! pra ife of godlineffe ; or outward and carnal!, that is, in the attainment ofgreatnelfe and worldly pleafures,in the encreaf: ofhis corn andwine,and oyle.Whe- ther he love thepeace ofconfcience farre more dearly then the favourofmen,or his own life : Whetherhe be more zea- lous for thehonour and praife ofGod,theti his own : Whe- ther he be more aff-aid offecret finnes, then open fhame ; of off-ndingGod, then outward afflictions : whether he be more angry in the caufe ofReligion, and concerning Gods glory, or for his ownprivatewrongs. And fo thorowout the reft ofhis aff:.(:tions. Let the fierce and defperate Gallants confider this point ; whichupon every lightoccafion,and termes ofdifgrace, are ready,out ofagraceles and ungroundedopinionofdeclining cowardize, to (heath their (words in thebody oftheir bro- ther. And let them allure themfelves, that the meeke and mercifull Spirit of' Godwill never conlift with Bich bloody and untamed aff: ions ; his holy notions will not come in- to their fecret, neitherwill hisPaving grace be joyned with theiraffembly. for in their wrath they will kill a man, and in their felf -will they will deftroy the Image ofGod. Cur- fed be their wrath, for it is fierce; and their rage, for it is cruell. Oh,that they would but marke and forefee, into what an inevitable and endleffe maze of certaine mifery and venge- ance theyenter, when they enter into the field,upon either or oracceptanceofchallenge l If they be flaine, they are acceflaries to their own untimely murther : They violently andwilfully pull themfelves from the land or the livirig,to theabhorred regions ofdeath : they cruelly and irrecove- rablyrendtheir own poore foules from time of grace and repentance. They exringuifh all hope ofpofterity; andper- haps their houfe and family determines in that bloody a&. G But