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t_d ttfiolßrfioftrue happiíoeffe. 93 .-....r tionand cuaome, wee were often, and moil principally ob- noxious before our calling: why then, from thence he drawes and enforceth upon us difcomfortable, and faith- killing conelulions. He prelentiy infers upon fuch relapfes ; that we have deceived our owne foules, that our holineffe indeed is but hypocrifie, that our faith is but temporary, and our con- verfion counterfeit : Otherwif,: the grace of God would be fudìcient for us, and the power of his fanbifying Spirit, would at the leaft fo L;rrerefiraine us, bridle andmortifie our corruptions, that we fhould not breakeout againe,andback- Elide into a tin fo much loathed and repentedof. Otherwife, as our Tweet, and mailer-fin in the time ofour unregenerati- on made the deepeft ga(h, thewideft gap into our confcien- ces; fo ifwe were indeedin the ltate ofgrace,we fhouldmolt carefully and tenderly clofe up that wound, and be molt vigi- lant and follicitous in fencing and fortifying that breach be- fore any other.By this meanes Satan many times givesa fore blow toour faith, and breeds much heavinefle anddifcomfort in the foule. Thus Satan inhis tentations, fometimesproceedes by a niethod(as it were) ofnature,in ftriking, at faith, the rootand heart of ouripirituall life. But if hebenot able to fatten his fiery darts upon the fhieldoffaith, why then he takesa con- trary couríè andmethod, as it may heft fit his advantage, and moreeafre infinuation. For heattempts the dulling anddi- minithingofour zeale, and forwardneffe inReligion, and o- ther fruitsoffaith, and inferiour parts of fan bfication. And that by fuch meanes as thefe One weapon, by which he labours towound our ferven- cie,and faithfulnef e in duties of holineffe, and to hinder the entire exercifeof the graces of Sanctification, is prof)erity and freedome fromdifcomforts andmifery. Forifhee Once efpieustobe encompafnd with worldly peace, reputation amongifmen,honours and offices, plenty ofwealthand pre- ferments ; he is ever then in good hope, (by thehelpe ofthe naturall aptneff ofworldlyhappines toenfnare and intangle) tobeget in our hearts, *orldlinefl'e and fecurity, the two H a great a.