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vgDifrourfof true happineJJ more g erne all Pharifaica1l felfe-conceit of the reff of his wayes : He angerly contefIs with the iniquity and ingrati- tude ofthe world, for calling fuch bafeindignities andafper- fions upon goodneffe and vcrtuc : Heewould gladly beare it out bravely, and make others thinke that hepaffeth it with- out wound or par`lioñ; but indeed he inwardly chafes and frets, and is much grieved and gauled withworldly forrow for it: the reafon is, his reputation with men isdearer unto him then the glory ofGod ; his chiefeft good andcomfort in thisworld, istheworlds good opinionofhirn. But in all this, he is fo fare fromworking any fpirituall good out of it, thathe rather entertaines a fecret encouragement to be that indeed which the world cenlirreshim tobe, then for a bareconcealed confcience ofinnocencie, to debarre himfelfe of a full fruition ofthe prefent times. But let us nowon the other fide, conceive a Childof God to be wickedly and wrongfully flandered : for it is properly his lot and portion in this life, to be loadenwith lewde and lying cenfures, with unjuft and odious imputations ; fame- times tohave many grievous things and fearefhil abomina- tions fathered upon him, without all fenlè,honefty,or proba- i bility ; which he never did, he neverknew. And ifonce ill reports raifed falfely upon the godly,be onwing, they flieas fwiftas the Eaglesofthe heavens. Divels are fpeedie Dro- Imedaries tocarry fuch newes : Theyprcfently paffe thorow Tavernes and Ale-houfes, Citie and Countrie, Gathand Af- calon ; they runne farreandwide,as currant and authenticall, under the Broad-fale of good fellowship; nevermore to be controlled and reverft, untill the matter be brought before that high and everlaffing Judge. But marke,I prayyou,the carriageofGods Child in thefe cafes, he cloth indeedfweet- Iy andcomfort ably enjoy the confcioufneí% of his owneup- rightnefle; though his adverfaries be never fo potent or cunning to threapehim down,yet untill he die, as lob fpeaks, he will not take away his innocency from himfelfe. When the Char re andempoyfoned arrowes of bitter malice and ca- lumniations come thickeft upon him, even with haile-(hot, I his I07 .11101.MM.IM.S. Chap zy.' 1.