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I o8 I. DiRourfè oftrue happineffe. his trulynoble, and divinely refolVelfoule is infinitely fatif- fiedwith that in Job : Reholdnor,, my Witneffeù in the ,heave»,. 4ndmjyrecordùonhigh. Yet hedoth labour tocleere hindelfe fo farre,as thehonour of God, the fatisfadion ofthe godly, and dangerofjnft fcandall require. But thegracious confiderations andholypradife, which (in tilde afflidions of his good name) fpìrituall prudence principally minifters and fuggefts unto him, are fuchas tilde: Firft,heconfiders, that howfoever hebe innocent from the flander, yet the finger ofGod is in it, as it was indired- ing the dogged maliceofcurfedShimei, upon the royall per- ; fon ofDavid; and therefore he gathers,that the Lord would I thereby give him notice, that fome other things in him are amiffc : that fome fecret corruption, bywhich his bleired Spirit isgrieved, is tobe fubdued and mortified; that force grace is tobe repaired ; force of his waies to be amended : perhapshis languifhing zeale is tobe revived and inflamed ; his heart, much duld with the contagious prophanenefleand formalityofthe times, is to be quickned, and more enlarged forGods fervice : repentance and humiliation for fix= for- mer finne, not throughly repented of,orin part refamed,is to be renewed.Perhaps theLord bath thereby an holy purpofe to revealeunto him, the omialon of foine duties in his cal- ling, or force finaller faults (yet fcandalous) whereofbefore hewas not fenfible. Or it may be, to prevent kine failleto come, eitherthat withwhich he is faddy charged ; or fame other, towhich his fraile nature is more inclining. Or lafily, by this experience toprepare him with courage, and &Mai himwith wifedome to comfort others in the like cafe; or to glorifie his namebypatience, in force morepubIike andno- torious difgrace and vexation to be indured in this kinde. Hereupon the Child ofGod doth prefently make- a privie fearch into his foule, doth narrowly lift the{late ofhis con kicnce andafter due and impartiall examination, feelingly and faitlifillly addreffe himfelfe to prayer, pradife of thefe confiderations,ánd reformation ofwhat he findsamiffe. Secondly,, 'fflawom11111MIN