Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

L.A. Difeourfe oftrue happineffi. Secondly, this outward croffe upon his good name by falfefurmifes andfufpitions, makes hira retire into himfelfe; and more fruitfully and cheerefully o enjoy all his inward comforts, hishope and delight inheavenly things,the afïu- rance thathis name iswritten inthe Booke oflife ; which no maliceofmen, or pollicieofhell isever able to blot out. It makes himwith more fervent and greedy attention to liften for the trumpet ofthat Taft and fearefull Day;more longingly, and with fixedeyes, to wait for theLord Jefùsin theclouds; who, ashe will punish all rophane Oppofites to holineffe witheverlatting perdition from theprefence of theLord,ánd from the glory ófhis power:fo undoubtedly,with thebright- nefle ofhis comming, he will then at thefurtheft, beforemen and Angels,bring forthhis righteoufneffe as the light,andhis judgement as thenoone day. Thirdly, by the mercies of Cod, for any fach wretched and lying flander, he is not fo caft downewith worldly for- row ; lie lothnot fo farre gratifie Satan and malicious men as to joyne hands with them for the affiietingof his owne foule, with needieffe drfcomforts, or dìfcouraging himfelfe in his calling : but rather he raifeth matter of comfort, en- couragement,and rejoyctng. For thereby bee is made more like,and conformableto his Head Chrift Jefus ; Who endured the Crop, andfuchf jieaking *drift o f fanners, anddes ifed the fhameforthe ioy that Wasfet beforehim. He bath thereby more waight and degrees added to his blefiedneffe; moremaffi- neffe andbrightneffe to his Crowne of immortality : Blefed 4reye(faith Chrift) When men revileyou, and fay411 manner of eviilagainfii youfor myfakefalfy; reioyce. and bexlad, for great isyour reward in heaven. And therefore in defpite of malice and falfhood, he runs on joyfully in hisrace : andhaving the atteftation ofa cleere confeiencei theacclamations of Saints and Angels, he little cares for the barking ofdogs by the way ; but followes hard towards themarke, . for thepriceof thehighcalling ofGod in Chrift Jefirs. Such as thefe, are the thoughts and behaviour, fpiritualt wifedomeacquaints the ChildofGodwith ; whenhis good I 2 name 'Ia9 ., 3.