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Y z o e,4Difcour f of true happineffe. name is wronged,and woundedwith tlanders & falfe reports. I conclude thewhole point Theknowledgeand praLti- call wifedome about heavenly matters in the hypo- crite,are dull,cold,plodding,formall, ferviceable,and fubordi_ nate tohis worldly happineffe. His knowledge is pbppoots ors yvrúnws, aforme ofk.nozrledg_e, Rom. zazo. Hispradice is A, 'MS knCeids, ¡formeofgodlineffe,2.Tirn.3.5. All is forme and outwardneffe : they are not deepely and foundly rooted in him by fandifyìng grace : nor inwardly infpiredwith fuper- naturall and ípirituall life. But divine knowledge in the ChildeofGod,is called the Spirit ofRevelation, Eph f I.17. hispradicall wifedome isfpirituall,Co/of,1.p. that is, quick, alive, fervent, zealous,flirriug ; not into irregularities and exorbitancies,as worldly wifdome many times rnifconflrues, but agaiufl the corruptions ofthe times; and working out of all a&ions,occafions, and occurrents (even out of mif°_ries, flanders,and infirmities) fouie glory unto God, fore good unto his children,fome comfort untohis owne foule. I now proceede to tell you, that the Word ofGod is not rooted in theconfcience ofthe formal' hypocrite; which is the hearer refembled unto the Bony ground. The whole and entire worke of confcieñce, as you well know, out oftheSchooles, confifieth in a pradicall Syllo- gifine : Thepropofition arifeth out oftheTwl(,fnou, an habit of prankall principles, andgenerali fountaines of ouradi- ems : The of rmption isproperly ow,c,J zc,confciertia,an ae`ku- all application of our knowledge to this or that particular ador ol- j:ft, Whence followes,the immediate and neceifi- ry iffae and office of conference; to teftifie, in rcf,ed of things limply done, or not done : In refpeé of things to be done, either to excite and encourage, or to reftraine andbridle; Inre1j edof things done well, or wickedly, to excufe and comfort, or accufe and terrine. For example:. Theo o,Sfno,s,. which is, as it were, a treaeryof rules and leífons fordirec.tion in our aciions, propof th the iniquity of a lye even out ofnature. Arifotle condemnes it, Eth.4.7. CCj7 A78;61-, , 4,si.'a-,NivAot } 401,q9:11 lie is Bark naught and dif I I.