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.Difcourfeof true hdppine. difcommendable. The founder Schoolemen demonílrate every lye `though it be officious, and for a greater good) to be againft nature, and indifpenfahle. Natures purpofe is fru- flrated,and her law tranfgreft,when beechandwords,which Thee intendsto be ever the true meffengers of the conceits and apprehenfions ofthe minde, are abufed to falfehood and equivocation. But this prac`licallprincipleofnot lying,how- foever it becleere innature,yet it receives further illuflration from the Booke ofCod. Therefore the propolìtion may be thus framed: Every lier shall be banished from the holy Mountaineof the Lord,Pfal.i 5. and fhall be barred out of the new Jeru- falem for evermore,Revel.2 2.15. The confcienceof the lier doth Alineand tell him : But I have thus and thus lied for advantage, and greater good : Then it followes : Therefore I mull be banithed from theholy Mountaine of theLord,and barred outof the new Jerufalem for evermore: Aconclu{ionofcondemnation and terrour. Such is the arguingofconfcience for things pall: But thus it worketh about things tobe done: Let us imagine a man todeliberate with himfelfe, whe- ther he fhouldbe Non-rendent or no. His habit ofpraClicall principles' (if bee will deale fàitbfully withhis owne foule, efpecially bythe helpe of the honetter Cafiils) may yeeld him matter enough out of nature againft Non-refìdency, as might eally appeare, if thepoint were incident. ButPith the cafe is cleere, zech. 33. he may thus framehisprafticall Syl- logifine : The Non- refident mull anfwer for the blood of thofe foules, whichby his unconfcionable and unwarrantable ab- fence,and negligence inhis charge,have perifhed in their fins. But fìthI knownot how foone I fhall corne tojudgement, my Poore foule shall not appeare before my bief'ed Saviour, redwith the bloodofthole foules, for which his precious bloodwas flied : Therefore I will notbe Non-refident. You fee heere a re- 13 flraint III