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a i 6 Difcoatr.fe oftruehappine. Lyon inthe way, or a Tyrant in the face. In the day oftriall- and encountrmg with dangers and ungodlyoppofitions, be fhrinkesnot ; but ¡Lands fall, and fuffErs himfelfe rather to be overflowne, then tobe carried downe.the flreameof the fin- toll fa(hionsand wicked waies of the world: He knowes full well, howfoever he goesnow on his way weeping, yet he carries precious feed; and therefore the time will come fhortly, that he (hall doubtleffe conic againe with joy, and bringhis (heaves with him. Croff`s, difgraces, and tribula- tions, maybeget in the formall hypocrite, fainting and defe- Rom. 1.;, éion but in Gods Childe they bring foorth patience, expee 4,%. rienee,hope,and refolution. Ever when he enters confulta- tionwith himfelfe, whether Godmuff beobeyed and glori- fied,ormanpleafed and fatisfied; he is quickly refolved out of that in If4, g ì , z 2. I, even I, am he, that com,`ort you who art thou; that thou fbouldeflflare arortallman, andth;forme of man, which 'hall he made eu gntffe: And forxetteji the Loi-d thycAlakcr,that bath /red out the hea?ìens,and laid thefound4 . tiensof'theearth ? He confiders the heavy judgement deter-' mined,and refereed forall fèarefrll nien,all fPirituall cowards, and faint-heartedin theChriflian warfare ; whomore feare men then Cod, and for their favour and countenance, part with theprate&ion oftheAlmighty, and thecomforts of a good confcience t They (hall be puni(hed With unbeleevers, with the abhominable, Withnxurtherers andWh)removers, With idolatersand liers, in theLakeWhich durnéth i*+itlo fire andbrim. flone,Which is thefeconddeath, Revel. 2 t .8. You may now clearely conceive thepoint I have in hand; how theWordofGod is not rooted in thecónfcienceofthe formali hypocrite. The ordinary inteliigencers tohis con- fcience,areexamples, cuftome, opinion, worldly wifdome,, .common prejudice againil aftri& courfeoffanalification; precedencieandpraaife ofgreater men, for truegoodneilfe, many times overprized, andmifvalued by the worlds natte-'; 1 ring cenfure; the common naturail notions of right and wrong. But ifupon forne extraordinary good motion, by guidance ofdivine rules, bee fometimes cr ,ff thecurrent of' the,