Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

ofMr Bolton. Id putations, whichbee ever performed with fuch readineffeand acutenefle offpeech and wit , and fuch profoundneffe of learning, that when bee was a Mailer ofArts but of fmall flanding, bee was chofenby thenow LordArch-Bifbop ofCanterburie ,Vice-Cbancel- for at King I Aids s His drfl comming to that Vnivertity,tobeeone ofthe difputants before theKing, and to reade in Naturall Philofophy in thepublikeSchooles.Befides hisknowledge inLogickeand Philofophy, wherein heexcelled , hewasalfowell fludy- ed in theMetaphyficks andMathematicks, and in all Schoole-Divinitie , efpecially inThomas Aquinas, which hehad read over once or twice, and hadexatly noted him throughout,asmay appeare inhis notes. But all this while (or for the mollpart) thoughhewas * very learned,yethe was not good, bee was a very meane fcholler in the fchooleofChrifl,he drewno religiousbreath from the foylehe came,& his matter likean ill feeds-man (owed the tares of Popery in moll ofhis fchollers:thismanner ofeduca- tiomadehim moreapt to treadinany path b 3 than 8. * Zmay tru- ly /ayofbim,as Tertullian of Irene us, That be was curio. fuGmus omni- um dothrina rum explora. tor.