Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

a zufeb.Hift,t. 6. cap, 4a. C9' lib.7. cap. 7. b Preface of K. lames to his EAIAIKQN &S),PON, The LfeandDeath than that which washoly; hee loved Stage- pIayes,cards anddice,he vasaborriblefrearer andSabbath-breaker, andboone-companion, and was ever glad (as I haveheardhim fay) of Cbriirmas-hoÿ-dayes,and marvellous melan- cholicwhen theywereended, hee loved not goodneffe nor good men, and of all forts of people could not abide their companie that were ofa {aria and holy converfation , fuch lice would fetch within the compafTe of Puritans, thinking that by that lawlefle namehehad deprived the ipfo fa5to bothof learningandgood religion. Such agenerali fcorne bath this degenerate age put upon the wayes of G o D, that the nameofPu- ritanwhich is truly and properly the vane of the ' proud heretic of Nowat,P' , or els of the b vile feet oftheAnabaptifts , is for want offeekiMg redreffe by our Ecclefaflicaf Iames,become the honorable nicknameof thebefWand holie(Imen. Thiswretched hu- mour Mr.Bolton further difcovered at Cam- bridge, for being there at a. Commencement, and meerely carried with the fame ofMr. Perkins, went to hemhimpreach, whofe plaine .