Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

Of Mra Boltoll, plaine but very found and fubflaritiall= preaching meeting at once in himwith a curious palate and unfanârified heart; quite turned his fiomacke againft that good man, that he thought him (tofpeake in his owne phi ale) a barren empty felloyv, and aparsing wane fcholler. I have heard many of late ( much of Mr. Boltons temper in goodneffe at that time, but inferior in learning) fpeake the like of Mr. Pei kin but the eminent learning of that man (famous abroad as well as at home) is fo farre above their reach ; that to traduce his worth is to que- I?kntheir owne. And that late learned d Bi- fhop of Salisbury in the defence of his bookeagaintt thecavils of Dr. Bi /hop, bath in manyplaces amplycommendedhis lear- ning So that theprecious name of Mr. Per- kins (hall like an ointment powred forth , 611 all the quarters ofthis land with a freth and fragrantfweetneífe, whennothing (hall furviveofhis Detraefors, but their unfavou- ry and unlearned fpight againft fo holy a man, And Mr. Bolton himfelfe when G on changed his heart (which Y will next write b 4 of ) e c dtfl(eiri2td,s Perkinús do fáßtmur tbeo_ leur, r<eck. 3'y/iz. Pot.díb. r . p. zo8. d Dr. Abhor in his reply to rig.. meo.