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of M1. Boltoll a 19 ment hee expounded Ionic Chapter, by which meanes hewent over the greaterpor- tion of the Hilloricall part ofthe Oldand NewTeflamenr. And in them all,aswas well obferved by alearned and grave * Divine * M. rflw;,4 that preached Funeral!, hee prepared birSermona* Ftr,une,,f. nothing for his people but whatmight have ferved a very learned Auditory,and in all his preachings, hee ftill aimed next to the glory ofGOD at theconverfion offoules, the very crowne andgloryofa goodMinifler at the appearing of that great day : and herein G o D wonderfullyhonouredhis Miniflery inmaking him anaged Father in G H R I ST, and to beget many fonnes and daughters unto righteoufieífe; for I may truly fay,ma- ny hundreds wereeither abfolutely conver- ted, or mightily confirmed , or fingularly comforted in their grievous agonies by his Miniflery :forhe had fuclì anart in this kind of relieving afflí&ed confciences , which bee acquired, partly by great paines and iudutry in fearching into that skill,but chief- ly by that manifold experience hee had inhirnfelfe andothers, that he wasfought to farm