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2a 12s The Lifeand Death farrcand neere,and diversfrombeyond the Seas dofired his refolution in divers cafes of Confcience , whichwas theonely caule that made himput forth that laft learned and godlyTreatífeofhis,which hee filed; In ßruCtionsfora rightcomfortingaffitted conJci- ences. And though inhis manner ofpreaching heewas aSonneof thunder, yetunto bruited reeds and thofe that mourned in fpirit, hee wasasfweet a `onneof Confolation as ever I heard, and witha very tenderandpitifull heart powred the oyle ofmercy into their bleeding wounds. Hee (as was PaidofLu- ther) was a mighty oppofite to the Divels kingdome, and had a fingular skill todif- cerne his heights and that cunning crafti- neffe whereby hee lies in wait to deceive. Heeverthought that therewas nofuck way to caft downe the ftrong holds of Sathan, and tobatter hiskingdome, than (after the Repsof' John theBaptift) to lay theaxe clofe to the root of Gnne, and to fet it onwith fuckpower , as that the Divell and all hisa- gents werenot able torefill it. By this means he