Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

of Mr. Bolton, z! he got groundofSatan andwaledhis king- dome, and.there s'eredaily added to his Mini- fieryluehwhofe heartswerefoflned thereby.And in all his Sermons, hee'ever ufed todifcover the hlthineffe of finne, and to preffe very powerfully upon the confcience the duties ofSan&ification,inexpreflìonwhereofthree thingswere remarkable in him. r. Such courage and refolution of fpirit as isfcarcelyto bee found inany. I am per- fwaded that in thecaufe of GOD hee could havebeetlecontented with Martin Luther, totiris mundi odium & iinpetum fuginere; to hazeundergone thehatred and violence of the whole world , wherebybee gave fuch vigour unto the truth hee delivered , that it pierced betweene the very joynts and the mar- row. 2. Impartiality hewould (parenone in their(nneseither great or fmall,he knewhe was todeliverhis MafFers vvill with vvhom was norefped ofperfons. 3. His wifdome ashewas ofhighcou- rage, fo vvas it excellently tempered-vvith vvifdome;úefcried in thefe foure things. i. n all