Bolton - Houston-Packer Collection BX9339.B65 A2 1641

TheLèandDeath And thus haveyou (good eader) the Life and death ofthis very learned andgod- lyman truely fet forth : If any man (hall contradit any thing that I have written of him; I (ball not bee careful' to anfwer him : For,ifhebegood,andwell knew Mr. Bolton, leewill not havethe face toobject : If bee có i;ñías}' bee ` bad, I hold him not worth anfwering: mnra m non Ifhall onely fay tohim in the language of Sy- eft remedium, .den. Meet's ,didicitills maledicere,& egocontemnere, He bath taught his tongue ro fpeake ill,and I have learned tocontcmne it. 2c. Thereis onelyoneobjeaionwhich I will anfwer and no more which began tobee muttered inhis life time, and is now likely tomake a Lowder noife,ifit bec not put tob- lence. ®bjefl. This preaching twice a Sabboth is more thanneeds,halfe ofit is but /rating; AndMi- nifters under theGofpell may take more li- bertie, and are nottied to fuchprecifcneife and feverityoflifeas he ufed. Anfver. Iwill notgracethis objeetion fomuch as tobee long in anfwering it The former part ofthis objeû1on this learned Author in