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c.11 Difcóurfeof true Happineii. 3 Illuflrated by an oppofition of the mifery, and unhappy conditionofthe wicked, in the fourth and fifthverfes. Concluded with the caufes ofthem both, to wit, of the happineffe ofthe godly, and vengeance upon the wicked, in the lafi verfe. The negative properties in the firfi verfeare three : Hee clothnot realke in thecouncell of the wicked; Heedoth notlandin the way of/inners; Heedothnotfit in thefiveofthefcornefull; amplified witha threefold gradation in the perlons, anions, and objeas ofthe anions. Thegradation in the perlons, the wicked,fanners, and fcornefull, implies all forts of ungodly men. The gradation in the anions, wake., land, andjit, all manner of commerce and correfpondence with them. The gradation in the obje&s, the counfell, gray, andfeate, all kind of iniquity;inward corruptions, oroutward impieties. The whole verfe laboureth withan emphaticall exaggeration, to let downehis bleffed forbearance ofPinne, and communica- ting with finfull men. The fecond verfe containing his imployment in pietie, feemeth to anfwer in oppofition, the three negatives, with three affirmatives. Hisdelighting in the Law of the Lord, is oppofed to the counfell ofthe 04 :d. His meditation, andex. ercife in the Law, to the way offinners. Day and night : there is his conftancy andhabit, oppoled to the feate ofthe fcorne- full. Why then,let the prophane and flattering world fay what it will; let fenfuall, and unfanStified men judge as they lift. That man,and that man alone is truly, & everlaflingly hap- py, That zralfeth not in the countedofthe wicked; thatis, that Both not delight in their vaine imaginations, fìnfull affeli- ons, luftfull defires, fpeculative wantonneffe. In their proud and (welling thoughts; whichconceive mifchiefe,andbring forth a lie;chaffe,and bring forth ftubble;the wind,and bring forth the whirle-wind.That doth not pertake with their potent paflìons, unhallowedpolicies ; their exorbitant, and indire& projeets, for their pleafures, honours., and profits. Whole fouledefires not to come into the fecret oftheir era- ell 4