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LA' Difcnurfeoftrue happinefJè. fanaified heart;that they are all vanity. And ifhe had flayed there,it had beene well ; that arguesbut a paffive imperfedii- on, anda weakenefè of being in the things ehemfelves; but they are vexationof fpirit. Nothing in themfelves, yet full of power andaaivitie , to inflic`l vengeance and vexation upon the fpirit ofa man. The fpirit ofa man being found in finceritie, and fecondedwith a. good coufcience, is able to bears out his infirmities, and all the miferies incident to.his nauure : It is able topaffe by, with a refolute andcontented patience, the lying imputationsofthe prophaneft malice : It is able, by the grace of God, to encounter with the terrors ofdeath, and the fearefulneffe of the grave : yea, to endure with gracious humilicie, even theprefènce of God and An- gels at that great Day. But a wounded and aflii led fpirit Who can beare ? Ifthe eyebee dame,. How great is that darkeneffe?If the fpirit ofa man,which should refs e(h all the facultiesofthe foule with comfortable :cheerefulneffe, and fill the whole body with a lively vigour, bee it felfe woun- ded with vexation and terror; How çomfortleffe is that man ? If hisflrength were the firength of stones, and his fle(hofbraffe yet would the torment of a bitter afflic`led foulegrinde him topowder; and melt, as the dew before the Sunne, whatfoever he accounteth firongefl , and moft powerfuil to relieve his heaviiieffe; it ,would turne all. his choifefl and deareft pleafures . into wormewood ;and bitter oeffe. And this vexation, withwhich riches, honours, or what other vanitie defireable in this life cloth atliia theun . regenerate heart, is twofold : In the very purfuiteofthem is muchanguilh, many grievances, feares, jealoufies, difgra- ces, interruptions, difcontentanents. But afterthe,.unfa: i- fiedenjoying ofthem, followes the fling of confcience, that will everiaiiingly vexe the foule; which is the very earncti ofthe fire of hell; by whicha man Bothexpe&with ttncon- ceiveable horrour, theconfummation. ofthevvratli`ofGod, (whichburneth farre hotter , and rn.Qre úagclaly, then any fire, though augmented with inftnite,rirverprgf l)xi- flone). tobepowred upon his body and foule ;for 5verm0 e, in 7