Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v1

INTRODUCTION. 77 children, not two of them were born in the same county. Messrs. Angel, Buckley, Saunders,Bridges, Roberts, Erbery, Cradock, Newport, and others, were suspended, and some of them driven out of the country.* Mr. John Carter was censured by Bishop Wren, but death soon after delivered him from all his troubles. Messrs. Peters, Davenport, Nye,+ and others, to escape the fury of the storm, fled to Holland. Mr. Peters, previous to his departure, was ap- prehended by Archbishop Laud, suspended, and committed for some time to New Prison. Many others were driven to New England, among whom were Messrs. Norton, Burr, Shepard, Sherman, and Nathaniel Ward, who was deprived and excommunicated by the archbishop. During this year the king, by the recommendation of Laud, republished the " Book of Sports," fOr the encou- ragement of recreations and pastimes on the Lord's day. This opened a flood-gate to all manlier of licentiousness, and became the instrument of unspeakable oppression to great numbers of his majesty's best subjects. The ruling prelates, though unauthorized by law, required the clergy to read it before the public congregation. This the puritans refused ; for which they felt the iron rod of their tyrannical oppressors. Dr. Staunton, Mr. Chauncey, and Mr. Thomas, for refusing to read the book, were suspended.t Mr. Fairclough was often cited into the ecclesiastical courts. Mr. 'rookie was turned out of his living. Mr. Cooper was suspended, and continued under the ecclesiastical censure seven years. Mr. Sanger was imprisoned at Salisbury. Mr. Moreland, rector of Hamsted-Marshall in Berkshire, was suspended and ,deprived of his living.§ Mr. Snelling was suspended, deprived, excommunicated, and cast into prison, where he continued till the meeting of the long parliament. Dr. Chambers was silenced, sequestered, and cast into prison.11 Messrs. Culiner, Player, and Hieron being suspended, waited upon the archbishop, jointly requesting absolution from the unjust censure; when his grace said, " If you know not how to obey, I know not hew to grant your favour," and dismissed them from his presence. Mr. Wilson was suspended from his office and benefice, and afterwards prosecuted in the high commission. Mr. Wroth and Mr. Erbery fromWales, Mr. Jones from Wharton's Troubles of Laud, vol. i. p. 532, 533. Calamy's Account, vol. ii. p. 29. rt Clark's Lives, last vol. part i. p. 162. § MS. Remarks, p. 903. Calamy's Account and Cowin,