Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v2

S LIVES OF THE PURITANS. U. Surely, I sought not after you, but being sent for, I came. B. You must abide by the course of the law. U. I think I have cleared myself by my answers. B. Nay, by your leave, you have not. Your answers accuse you. U. Then dispatch me accordingly. It is chargeable and burdensometo attend so often from day to day. A. My lord of Winchester, appoint him to attend on Friday come sevennight. B. I am content. Come in the afternoon. Mr. Udal then departed, intending to appear according to appointment. In the mean time, the Countess of War- wick wrote a pressing letter to the bishop, in his behalf. Upon his appearance, after long attendance, he was called before the bishop, who thus addressed him : B. The articles brought against you, are not to be proved; for the witnesses fear the displeasure of your numerous friends, which is a very hard case. U. It is hard, if it be true. But there is no such fear, only they are unable to prove more than I have already confessed. B. Youhave, indeed, confessed sufficient against yourself. U. Let it then appear. For I must justify all that I have confessed, until it be refuted; andwhen it is refuted, I shall be willing to recant, in the same place in which it was spoken. B. I will not deal with you in that way. But for the sake of your friends, and other causes, I am oilling to restore you to your preaching, if you will assure me under your own hand, that you will speak no more against any thing by authority established. U. I will promise you to preach nothingbut the word of God. B. The word of God, as you are pleasedto call it ! U. If I be unable to understand what is, and what is not, the word of God, I am unfit to be a preacher, and so you may finally dismiss me. It were better for me to be a ploughman, than a preacher, under any other conditions. B. Then I may not admit you. This would help to increase controversies. U. T will promise you to promote the peace of the church, all that I can. More I cannot do. B. Well, I will Seek advice about it. In the mean time you may depart.