Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v3

1/111 CONTENTS. PAGE PALL Adam Blackman 522 it Edmund Small ib. Thomas Warren ib. Mr. Smith t ib. William Herrington ib. i John Spencer ib. Nicholas Beard .... ...... 523 Hannibal Gammon 530 William Green ib. Mr. Wainwright ib. William Powell ib. John Sims ib. William Kent 524 John Foxcroft ...... 531 Mr. Davenish ib. Ralph Marsden ib. Mr. Barret ib. Nicholas Darton ib. Mr. Salisbury .... 525 Henry Roborough ib. Mr. Jeffryes ib. Abraham Peirson 532 i Henry Page 526 Rowel Vaughan ib. Ralph Smith ib. Robert Maton ib. Ephraim Hewet .... ...... ib. i Peter Prudden 533 Dr. Jenningson ......... ib. i Robert Booth .. .. ib. John Jemmet ....... ..... 527 , Walter Rosewell 534 John Stoughton ib. i Thomas Ball ib. Mr. Burchell .... t ib. , Stanley Gower ib. Thomas Scott .... ....... 528 i Henry Flint 535 William Madstard ib. i James Sicklemore ib. Mr. Cooper 529 APPENDIX 537 CONTENTS OF THE NOTES. A curious anecdote of Bishops Neale and Andrevvs 2 The occasion of. he civil war 3 Account of the famous John Selden 9 Archbishop Usher tamely submitted to Archbishop Laud 15 Bodies dug up after the restoration 16 Account of the Earl of Warwick 18 A popish book dedicated to Archbishop Laud 42 Mrs. Burton committed toprison 44 Warrant for apprehending H. Burton lb. to the warden of the Fleet 45 A curious anecdote of Bastwick's litany ......... . ... ib. Sentence against Bastwick and Prvnne 47 Clarendon'scharacter of Archbishop Laud 49 The paring of H. Burton's ears 50 The people at Coventry and Chester prosecuted 51