Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v3

CONTENTS. Account of William Prynne the portrait of Archbishop Laud and A curious anecdote of Archlishop Abbot Committee of religion offensive to Laud Account of the innovations of Dr. Cosins Mrs. Smart's letter to her husband Sir Edward Lukenor a friend to the nonconformists Anecdotes of Bishop Neile Mr. Gibbons beheaded on Tower-hill Dr. Grey's opinionof C. Love . Soldiers threatening to shoot Dr. Manton A curious anecdote of George Walker. Dr. Grey's frivolous reasoning Account of the Alexandrian manuscript The false accusation of John Cotton The Mayor of Arundel prosecuted Dr. Tuck's severe usage .. Bishop Kennet's character of the tryers Account of the assembly'sannotations ma.,:acrc in Ireland Earl of Essex Anecdote of Dr. Heylin and Bishop Williams Dr. Grey's insinuation of S. Marshall . Account of Lady Brown's piety ---- the fifth monarchy-men - William Janeway Warrant for apprehending Thomas Cawton Account of Castell's Lexicon Heptaglotton the monthly lectures in Yorkshire -- Archbishop Matthews - Sir Henry Vane Anecdote of Bishop Montaigne Account of Thomas Peters Walter's plot s------ Mrs. Peters Bishop Bedell favoured the union of protestants King Charles's schismatical remark Warrant to the keeper of Newgate Oliver Cromwell an enemy to persecution Two anecdotes of Oliver Cromwell , Account of the infamous Titus Oates VOL. III. ix PAGE 57, 1. Burton... -. 58 75 89 91 93 96 104 135, 137 138 140 142 148 154 155 177 196 211 226 233 248 249 251 257 279 321 322 342 343 348 350 353 356 369 370 383 392 416 ib. 427