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132 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. " 10. Study the covenant of grace and merits of Christ, and then be troubled if thou canst. Thou art interested in such a covenant that accepts purposes for performances, desires for deeds, sincerity for perfection, the righteousness of another, viza that of Jesus Christ, as if it were our own. Oh, my love, rest, rest then in the love of God, in the bosomof Christ ! " 11. Swallow up thy will in the will of God. It is a bitter cup we are to drink, but it is the cup our Father bath put into our hands. When Paul was to go to suffer at Jerusalem, the christians could say, The will of the Lord be done. 0 say thou, when I go to Tower-hill, The will of the Lord be done. " 12. Rejoice in my joy. To mourn for me inordinately, argues that either thou enviest or suspectest my happiness. Thejoy of the Lord is my strength. 0, let it be thine also ! Dear wife, farewell! I will call thee wife no more : I shall see thy face no more; yet I am not much troubled ; for now I am going to meet the bridegroom, the Lord Jesus Christ, to whom I shall be eternally married ! cc Thy dying, " Yet most affectionate friend till death, " CHRISTOPHER LOVE." From the Tower.of London, August 22, 1651, The day of my glorification.. On this fatal day, at two o'clock in the afternoon, Mr. Love mounted the scaffold with great intrepidity and reso- lotion. The ministers who accompanied him were Mr. Simeon Ashe, Mr. Edmund Calamy, and Dr. Thomas Manton. Upon the scaffold, Mr. Love, taking off his hat twice before the people, made a long speech to them, addressing them as follows : " Beloved christians, I am this day made a spectacle unto God, to angels, and to men. I am made a grief to the godly, alaughing-stock to the wicked, and a gazing-stock to all ; yet, blessed be God, I am not a terror to myself: though there is but a little between me and death, there is but a little between me and heaven. There are only two steps between me and glory : my head must lie down upon the block, and I shall ascend the throne. I am exchanging a pulpit for ascaffold, and a scaffold for a throne. I am Love's Sermons on Grace, Appen. p. 511-818. Edit. 1810.