Brooks - BX9338 .B7 1813 v3

LOVE. 133 exchanging a guard of soldiers for a guard of argels, to carry me into Abraham's bosom. " I speak the truth, and lie not. I do not bring a revengeful heart upon this scaffold. Before I came to this place, and upon my bended knees, I begged mercy for them who denied mercy to me ; and I have prayed God to forgive them who would not forgive me ; and I have from my heart forgiven the worst enemy I have in the world. Now, in the presence of God, I tell you, that as I would in my trial confess nothing that was criminal, so I denied nothing that was true; that I may seal it with my blood. What I then denied and protested before the high court of justice, I now deny and protest before you. " I am for a regulated mixed monarchy, which I judge to beone of the best governments in the world. I opposed, in my place, the forces of the lateking ; because I am against screwing up monarchy into tyranny, as much as against those who would pull it down to anarchy. I was always against putting the king to death, whose person I promised in my covenant to preserve ; and I judge it an ill way of curing the body politic, to cut off the political head. I die with 'my judgment against the engagement : I pray God io forgive them who impose, and them who take it, and preserve them who refuse it. Neither would I be looked upon as owning the present government : I die with my judgment against it. And I die cleaving to all those oaths, vows, covenants, and protestations,which were im- posed by the two houses of parliament. I have abundant peace in my own mind, that I have,set myself against the sins and apostacies of the time. Although my faithfulness bath procured me the ill-will of men, it hath securedme peace with God : I have lived in peace, and I shall die in peace. " But, beforeI drawmy last breath, I desire to justify God and condemn myself. Though I come to a shameful and untimely death, God is righteous. And though he cut me off in the midst of my days, and in the midst of my ministry, because I have sinned, he is righteous, blessed be his name. My blood shall not be spilt for nought. I may do more good, and bring more glory to God, by dying upon a scaffold, than if I had died upon my bed. I bless God, I have_not the least trouble on my spirit; but I die with as much quietness of mind as if I were going to lie shown upon my bed to rest. I see men thirst after my blood, which will only hasten my happiness and their