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H. BURTON. 55 Boners, and to the captains of the castles there ; that the cause of their being detained may be here certified.". This warrant is dated November 7, 1640. A petition was also presented in behalf of Mr. Prynne,'when the house gave a similar order for his return. Mr. Burton and Mr. Prynne cominc, in the same vessel, arrived at Dartmouth on the 22nd of November, where they were received and entertained with extraordinary de- monstrations of affection and joy. In the whole of their journey to the metropolis, they were attended with a marvel- lous confluxof people, and not only their charges borne with great magnificence, but liberal presents given them. This kind of treatment they met with all the way, great numbers of people meeting at their entrance into all the towns through which they passed, and waiting upon them some distance out, with wonderful acclamations of joy. As they approached the metropolis, the road betwixt 13rentford and London was so full of coaches, horsemen, and persons on foot, come to meet them, and congratulate them on their safe arrival, that it was with difficultythey could ride one mile an hour. As they entered London, there was so immense a con- course of people,that they were nearly three hours in passing from Charing-eross to their lodgings in the city. The numerous crowds who escorted them into the city, in token of their greatjoy, carried lighted torches before them, strewed the road with herbs and flowers, put rosemary and bays in their hats, and, as they went along, with loud acclamations for their deliverance, shouted, Welcome home, welcome home ! God bless you, God bless you; God be thanked for your return.t On November 30th, being .two days after his arrival in London, Mr. Burton appeared before the house of com- mons, and, December 5th, presented his petition to thehouse, entitled, " The humble Petition of Henry Burton, late Exile, and close Prisoner in Castle-cornet, in the Isle of Guernsey." In this petition he gives asketch of his numerous and painful sufferings, and concludes by recommending his case to their impartial consideration; but the whole is too long for our insertion.# On the presentation of the petition, with many others of a similar kind, the house appointed a committee for their examination ; and on the 12th of March following, Prynne's Prelates'Tyranny, p.112.-Rushwortb's Collec. vol. v. p. 20. -Nalson's Collec. vol. i. p. 499. + Prynne's Prelates' Tyranny, p. 113, 114. Ibid. p. 127-130.-Rushworth's Collec. vol. v. p. 72,19.