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1 56 LIVES OF THE PURITANS. Mr. Rigby delivered their report to the house, when the house passed the following resolutions : 1. " That the four commissioners, Dr. Duck, Dr. Worral, Dr. Sams, and Dr. Wood, proceeded unjustly and illegally in suspending Mr. Burton from his office and benefice, for not appearing upon the summons of the first process. 2. " That the breaking up Mr. Burton'shouse, and arrest- ing his person without any cause shewed,and before any suit depended against him in the star-chamber, and his close im- prisonment thereupon, are against the law and the liberty of the subject. 3. " That John Wragg hath offended in searching and seizing the books and papers of Mr. Burton, by colour of a general warrant dormant from the high commissioners ; and that the said warrant is against law and the liberty of the subject; and that sergeant Dendy and alderman Abel have offended in breakingopen the house of Mr. Burton, and ought respectively to make him reparation for the same. 4. "That Mr. Burton ought to have reparation and recoinpence for the damages sustained by the aforesaid pro- ceedings of Dr. Duck and others, who suspended him from his office and benefice. 5. " That the warrant from the council-board, dated at Whitehall, February 2, 1637, for committing Mr: Burton close prisoner, and the commitment thereupon, is illegal, and contrary to the liberty of the subject. 6. " That the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Bishop of London, the Earl of Arundal and Surrey, the Earl of Pem- broke and Montgomery, Sir H. Vane, Sir J. Coke, and Sir Francis Windebank, do make reparations to Mr. Burton for his damages sustained by this imprisonment." The 24th of the same month, Mr. Burton's case being again brought before the house, it was further resolved : 1. "That the sentence in the star-chamber against Mr. Burton is illegal, and without any just ground, and ought to be reversed, andhe ought to be freed from the fine of .4'5000, and the imprisonmentimposed upon him by the said sentence, and to be restored to his degrees in the university, orders in the ministry, and to his ecclegiastical benefice in Friday-street, London. 2. " That the order of the council-board for transferring Mr. Burton from the castle of Lancaster to the isle of Guernsey, and his imprisonment there, are against law and the liberty of the subject. 3. "That the said Mr. Burton ought to have reparation