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C H A P. I O. Some Arg. for t ie impur. of cb. Right. Vindicated '15 dience only. (2) Even as to this, it was anfwered above , that it was not requifite unto this end , His humane nature beingfutriciently hereunto qua- lified , by the perfonal union ,by which His blood became the blood of God, and all He did and Suffered was the deed &- Seffering of Him , who was God. .Arg. II. If we may truely be Paid to be dead & crucified with Chrifl , to be quickened & have rifen againe with Him , &c. then may we truelybe Paid to have fulfilled the law with Chrifl; & confequently that should be impu- ted to us. But the former is true , Ergo , &c. Thefe expreflìons pointe forth the clofstunion, that is betwixt Chrifl and Beleevers , & thereupon their nterefl in what He did and fuffered, as Mediator , Surety & publick perfon, to the end they may have rightito,and paf;efiîon of the great benefices , pur- chafed and procured by Him. So they hold forth Chrifts fuffering , dying , rifeing, &c. as a publick perfon in their room & in their (lead , .& as their Reprefentative : fo that it is reckoned for them , and upon their fcore, and they are fo intereffed therein , as that they are to be dealt with, as if all thefe things had been done & fuffered by themfelves. And though , in thefe ex- preffions mentioned, there be no exprefs mention made of Chri (ls fulfilling the law ; yet they fufficiently hold forth that, which by parity of reafon will enforce this, as well as the other :for they pointe forth Beleeverstheir union & communion with Chrifl, as CO His Mediatory work , to which His fulfil - ling of the law did belong. Againfl the confèquence he faith , Thefe expre ons haveno fuch Inference: for if we could be f aid to have fulfilled the law with Chriß , our own ful f lling it in Hiwi should rather be faid to be imputed to us , than His fulfilling it for us. 13rí (I) This will fay as much againit the Imputation of Chritts fufferings; for we are faid to be dead with Chrifl; & therefore not Chrifls death , but our own death in Him should be faid to be imputed to us : But the Scripture knoweth no filch thing. (2) The meaning of the expreflion is , we fay , but to denote emphatically the imputation of what Chrifl did & fuffered , unto us : for our own fulfilling of the law in Him, is but His fulfilling of it for us, & the fame imputed to us ; fo as we are dealt with no otherwayes , than if we had done it our felves; as our being dead & buried with Chrifl, is but His dying in our place & flead , or our havingfuch an Intereft in His death & burial , as that we are dealt with, as if, in a manner, we had died our. felves. But he fuppofeth, there is a difference, as to this, betwixt Chrifls dying & His fulfilling the law , laying , When the Scripture faith, we are dead d&c, with Chrifl , the meaning it not , that God looked upon us , as if we had laid down our Natural lives by death , when he laid down His; d? as ifthis laying down our liver were a fatisfatlion to His juflire; for then wemight be faid, to have fatis-. feed for ei redeemed our felves : But thefe expref ons import either a prof gion ofGuth a death in us, which holds proportion with , or bath a li(ene fs to the death of Chrifl, or el fe this death it Jeff really wrought in us , by that death ofChri,I. Anf. We do not afferte the meaning of thefe expreffìons to be, That God looketh upon us , as if we had laid down ont Natural lives, &c. But that beleevers have fuck an Intereft in Chrifts death , as being the death of their Surety , Redee- mer, Head, Husband and publick perfon , that they receive the benefices P 6