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C H A P. I 2. Mr. Goodwin's Arg, t4gainft Imput. anfivered. 153 pofe before Chap. 5. of his book ( to which he here retnittetlius) hath been examined already. W hat he addedi here ; shall now be confidered, wa- ving mens Sayings, wherewith I purpofe. not to medle here. He citeth agai- ne to-(his purpofe 4: 6, 7. to which 'we fpoke above. He fu`ppofeth that the Aponte here did intend a full defcription-of juftification ; But this he cannot clearly evince . & he forgetteth, that the A pohle maketh mention of Imputed Righteoufizefr ; and that not as one and the fame thing with free Rr.m:flion , but as infeparable from it \ The Apollles defigne was not to gi- ve here a Sill Definition of defcription of Juflífication , it being Sufficient to the purpofe he had in hand, to mention fo much thereof, as did clearly & irrefragably confirme the fame vi.t. That the blared fiate of jullification is not brought about, or had by the works of the Law :, yea , ( as is faid ) that very Imputation of Righteoufnefs is not only included in the word bleffednef , by which this State of juflification is expretfed ; for a bleffed man is one, who not only is freed from guilt and punishment, but hath aIlo á right"to the Crown , and to the rich recompenfe of reward , which is not had with- out a Righteoufnefs ; but is plainly alto expreffed , when he faith , Even as David alfodefcrïbeth the ble ffednefsofthe man unto whom God imputeth f(i hte- oufnef without works. Here is a Righteoufnefs , even a pofitive Righteouf- nefs, mentioned , and a Righteoufnefs imputed , and a Righteoufnefs with - out our works of obedience to the Law. Hence we need not alert any Sy- necdoche here ; or fay , that a part is put fot the whole , which vet is no unu- fual thinginScripture; and might be admitted here even in this matter, without any abfurdity ; feing where one part of this bufinefs is mentioned , the other is neceffarily underftood, becaufe of the neceffary & inviolable connexion , that is betwixt them. He faith further pag. 13o. If forgivenefr of fins be but a part and the wor- ferha /fof our jullification, then when the Scripture faith, we are Iuflified by His blood (Rpm. 5: 9. )., the fenfe rnu f1,be, we are juflt fled by half through his blood, bu t the better haffe of our jollification mull come an6th. er way ;for by ha blood we cannot have his atïiveR .ighteoufnefi imputed tous. (is) We ufe not to make fuch comparifonsbetwixt thefe things ( here called parts ) had in jufi fica tion ; as to call the one the-better part , and the other the worfer part , both being requïífite CO make up our flare of ble'ffednefs, and neceflary theretinto. (z.) When the Scripture faith , we are jufl :fed by His blood, the meaning is not , we are juflified by the half through His blood : for half juftification is no juflífication. (3) or is the Reafon added of any force : for by blood here, we may as well underhand , by a Synecdoche, His aaívc Righteoufnefs, as all His pafl:ïve, both being but integral parts of His Surety-righteoufnefs, & emphatically expreffed by His death , or blood, the tnofl remarkable piece thereof, & expreflive of His love and condefcenfion, and terminating point of Surety-obedience ; for He faid , it was finì: hed , when He offered up Himfelf, & gave up the Ghofl. He addeth , So where it is\ faid againe Chap. 5. vert 16. that the gift (vi¡', of Righteoufnefs by Chrifl) is of many offences unto luflification : ! f the gift of many offences. i, e. the for givenefs of Mani Sinner, will not amount to Q jufli Pica- tion,