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C > A P. 12 Mr. Good win's Arg. aga'sß Impost. asafwered. s 5 5 aiecefìty d? ufe of that ftaeet evangelical grace of Adoption , cannot hold a flreight courfé with the tJ7ruth of the Gofpel, But this is done by the Imputation of Chrifl's Pighteoufnefs. Ergo. The Minor , which is only here to be denied , he la- boureth to prove, becaufe we fay , The Righteoufnefs of Chrift mull be im- puted in order to our obtaining Right and Title to Life ; & that by Remif- fion of Sins a man is only delivered from death , but receiveth no Right to the Kingdom of heaven. But what can he hence inferre for confirmation of the Minor ? Now ( faith he ) this being thedirefl ¿9 proper end, ufe, office, purpofel.Y intent of Adoption , toinvefla beleever with a capacity with heaven; it follower , that whofoever shall attempt to fet any thing elfe upon this throne , leeks to cliff olve Adoption. Anf. The Confequence is null. The Imputation of Chriít's Righteoufnefs will no more take away Adoption , than juftification; for it is the ground and Caufe ofboth. He might as well fay , That becau- fe in and by juftification, we have Remiffion of Sins , to albert the Imputa- tion of Chrift's death and Sufferings for this end , is to diffolve juftifica- tion. But the truth is clear , as was explained above Mill. 14. He thitiks both cannot {land together , becaufe either of them is a complcat & entire Title within it felf: perfect Righteoufnefs is a perfetl title alone ; fo it A- doption or Sonship. Anf. (t.) This will fay as much againft the Imputation of Chrifl's death and Sufferings , as againft juftification : for either of thefe is a compleat Title ( according to our Adverfary ) to Immunity from death: perfeEt Satisfa &ion is a perfect title alone to this Immunity , as well as per- fed Righteoufnefs is a perfeEt title to the Inheritance : & Jnfiification or Remif{ïon ofSins ( which are one with him ) is alfo a perfeá Right to this, as well as Adoption is a perfect Right to that. (t) But as Juftification is founded upon the Imputed Righteoufnefs of Chrift 3 fo is ¡Adoption. As Chrift's death and Satisfaction is not formal' pardlon , or Right to Impunity, but is, when Imputed , the ground and caufe of juftification, wherein the Beleever is folemnely brought into a Rate of freedome from death : So Chrift's Obedience and Fulfilling of the Law is not a formal Right unto the inheritance, but, when Imputed and received by faith, the ground and caufe of Adoption, whereby the Beleever is, as is were , folemnely infe- offed of the Inheritance. Here then is nothing in vaine; but all things fo ordered , as may molt commend the riches of the wisdom & Grace of God ; & may molt enfure life and all to the beleever. So that his following dif- courfe is meer froath and vanity : for, as God may appoint moe meaner for the fame end as He pleafeth ; as His promifes, oath & Sacraments to con- frme the faith of beleevers; fo there can be no reafon given, why it may not be fo here : & yet , to (peak properly , Adoption is no mean , or Caufe of the Right and Title to Glory, being the folemne Collation of that Right to the beleever, or the folemne flating of him in that Right ; as juftification properly is no Meane to or Caufe of pardon and Acceptation of Sinners, but rather the folemne bringing of them into or placeing of them in that flare of peace, Pardon and Reconciliation, who beleeve in Jefus'and lay bold on His Righteoufnefs. What he fpeaketh of the oppofition betwixt the Law and the proinife, in giving of life from Gal. 3: 2.1. is molt Impertinent; "fo alto T is