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S6 Mr. Goodwin 's Arg. againft Imput. anfurered. C H A P. 12. is that, which he faith from Gal. 2: 2I. for though it be an abrogating and makjng void of the ordinances of God , when another thing , that is con. traryZ& exprefly excluded by the Lord from that office & work , is let up with it , to bring the fame end to paffe , or to ferve in the fame place and office : yetis there not the leaft coloure of ground to fay , That if our Right e Title to heaven be by Imputation of Chrifl's Righteou fnefrr, then doth God give the grace of Adoption in vaine: for the Rightcoufnefs of Chriit is the Merito- rious procuring Caufe of this Right and Title to heaven ; and when this is Imputed & made over to the beleever , he receiveth the Effect and Fruit of that purchafe vit. an Actual Right to glory , & is folemnely infeofed ( as it were ) thereof. What ignorance & folly would it difcover in a man , to fay , That the legal inftalling of a man by publick leafing & Infeofment in the legal Right to & pofle Pion of fuck a Land , or Houfe , is that which gi- veth the man Right ; and therefore the price hehath laid down, to purcha- fe that L.and,or houle , hath no Intereft or Conlideration in that purchafe, For thefe two cannot confift , the one mutt neceffarily render the other ufe - lefs ; if he hath made a purchafe of the Land & houle by his money , he nee - deth no Charter or Infeofinent thereof:. ar if his Charter & Infeofment gi- veth him Right to poffeffe the fame , the price laid down is of no ufe ? would not every one fmile atfuch Non -fenfe ? And yet fo reafoneth this learned Adverfary , who will have the Righteoufnefs of Chrift laid by , which is the only price and purchafing Merite of our Right to Heaven; or the Grace of Adoption, whereby thebeleeverbecometh legally (as it were) infeofed of the Inheritance. It is vaine , if he should think to efcape by faying. That tae acknowledgeth the price of Chrift's Righteoufnefsi but fpeaketh :of the- Imputation of that Righteoufnefs, in order to this Right ; For the Imputa- tion ofthis Righteoufnefs is but the Interesting ofthe beleever in that price, as the price of fuch a purchafe,to the end he may receive the legal inf oftnenc of the Inheritance purchafed, in Adoption. Obj. 5. Chap. 13. pag. 145. He that bath a perfeft compleat Righteoufnefs of the Law imputed to him, flandeth in need of no Repentance. Anf. This Confe- quence is utterly falle , as was shewed above Chap. 6. Mystery. r3, Repen- tance is not prefcribed in the Gofpel, for any fuch ufe or end , for which the Imputation of Chrifl's Righteoufnefs is called for. If Adam ( faith he ) _had kept the Law , he had needei' no Repentance , more than Chrift him felf needed: & thofe that kept the Law in him , as exattly. & perfettly as he did , what more ieod of &epentance have they than he had. Anf. Adam, it is true, had needed no Repentance, if he had kept the Law: But the Imputation ofChrifl's Righteoufnefs & obedience to us , though thereby we come to enjoy the Effeáts & purchafe thereof, as really as if we had Fulfilled the Law ourfel- ves; yet it maketh us not to have been no finners; nor doth itexeem us from the Law,.. in time coming,_ nor put us out of cafe of finning any more; and confequently prejudgeth not the true & lively exercife of that grace of Re- pentance.. He addeth. He that is as righteous, as Milt is , ( which thofe mutt needs be, »tho are righteous with His righteou fnefc) needeth no more Repentance, than He needed.