Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The .Jiarren , Fig-:Tree. 99 . he brought not forth g·ood Fruit, he was a. wild Profejfor. For all . his Religion~ ~e would fcoff at thofe tha,t • "wVere better than ;himfel[ , WelJ, uf?OU1 a Day his Brother Jjaac was weaned. at which· Time his Fath~ r ·· rn.·ade a feaft, . and rejoiced before - '1 e Ld~~, for that he had given hin.1 t he Pro~ n1ifed Son ; 'at this IjhJJzael fmocked ·~ them, thei r Son_, and god ly Rejr..)i(:·ng. 1'hen carpe .the Spirit:· of God unon Sarab, · and the' cr:ied, C.afl ·him . tJu't, cafl out this ' Bond-1.Rioma1z , and · htr Smz ; for ·.the San' of this Bond~ ·woman jhall not be Heir with my Son, even with' l fa ac (f ). Now Paul t@ th t Grilatia;is rnakes this Cafting _out to be, · not · only a Cafting out of Abraham''s Fami J.y, bu r a. . 1C·:dl ing o"ut · alfo from a L qt with the Saints in Heaven 'g). . A1fo lv:toff.s giv~ eth us a riou ble Proof the reof, in ·, fa.'ying, t'hat' y;Iwn Ijhm -1el d ied, le z:a~ .· tbered to hiJ · People (h), his ')c'ople tJy his Mothe r»s Side, , fo r he V:iS rec koned · fron1 her, the , Son of llagar ') E 2 'C1e >I .(f} Gen . xxv. 8, Ib , 11 • . (g) Gal. iv. 29, 30, 3'· (b) Gen. ~xv . ! 7'·