Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The 'Barren·'Fig--Tr.ee. I 'O 3 Firfl, OaJn, an ~~gry Profeifqr; ·f/h- ·mael, a mocking _one ;·- Ejau, a . lufifu~, gamefome one : rhree Symptoms of a barren Profeffor. For he that can be . angry, and that , can mock, . and that can indulge his L'ufis, cannot bring forth ·Fruit to God. · · ; · Secondly, . The Day of Grace ended with ' theft~ Profeffors at ehat ,'fime when they · ~o'mmitted . fon1e grievous· . Sin ; Ca in~s, when he ki1Ied his Bro._: · ther ; Ijhmael's, when he mocked at lfaac, &c. And 'Ejau, when out .of l~ ove to his Lufts, he defpifed, · and fold his · Birtli -r1ght. Beware~ . barren· Profi •ffor; thou mayeft do that .in half . a ~a rter of an Bour, from the Evil of which thou· mayeft not be delivered for ever '·and ·ever. · ~. ~ ' f ' . 'thirdly., Yet the[e 'f.bree, after · their · Day of Grace was · over, liv~d better Lives, , as to ·outward Things, than ever they did before. Cain after this, was Lord of a .City ( q) ; Ijhmael was , E. 4 after "' ·