Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

I J ~o l )The .Bprrez1 li'ig-rree~ ".JJhen h~ would ' .have -i12h~rited the Blef jing,. ,'he. w.as rejet?ed ; . for he found no ~lace of R_epentance, . thcugh he fought it (arefully wzth 'I'e_9rs ( n) _Now the end- . ~ ing of Efau'<:J Day of Grace is to be · reckoned from his Selling .. his Birth- ' · right : Fo.r there the Apofile points ·jr, left there b~ among you any, that like Efau, feU~ his Birth· right: For . then goes henc/ the .Bleffing al[o. · But Efau fold his I3ir~th:r1ght long , before his ·Death.. :{rtr:_:enty Years after this, Jacob· wa-s 'wi'th Laban, and when he returne4 H.O.me, his Brother Efau met him {o). : Farther, after this, when Jacob dwelt again"foq1e Time with his F:1ther, then· .Jacob" and Ffrtu 9uried him (p). I i fuppofe he ,n1ight 1ive above -Forty -r.ears, y"e~, ·· for ougbt '1 knpw, above Ji'ourfi·or·e Year:s · :!fre r' he , had fold his , Bi··~l,}-right; And f9 ~·onfeguently had p L1t _hiinfeJf out of the Grace of God. 'fhree Things I would· furt!\er note upon - th~fe :three ,ProfdTors. . (n) Heb. xii. t6, 17. (o) .Gen. ,xxxi. 41. lbid xxxii. 6. (I) Gen. ~xxv. z$, zg. Firfl,