Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

jnto the ·.Vineyard (t); by other H ands tha:n God's ; and 'there they abide lifelefs, graceh·fs·, carefefs,' and · with0ut 'any ,good Confcjence to God at all. l)erliaps they came in _for the Loaves, for a Ttatie, ·· for ~i t:redit, for a Blind; · or it may be, . to · feif1e · and choa k the Checks and grinding fangs of an a- , wakened; and · diit.1uie~ed Confcience. N 9w · hi~· ing · obt~i.ined their Purpofe, Jike the Sinners of Sicn (u}, -rhey are at Eafe . an~1 fi:cure·; faying, like Agag, . 1 • Sutely the Bztienufs 'of J)edth is pafl (x); I af-n wdl', fhall be. 1':1 ved, an cl, go to .. H eaven-. Thus jn thefe vain Conceits, lb(y fiend a . 1"ear' tcr.z;o or three ; not remetT:lbring tha-t at every Seafon of G'race, and at every Opportunity of the Gofpel, th~ · Lord co~nes, fe_ekir'-g }~ ruit. vVelJ, Sinne r ,; wen, . barren Figtree ; . this . is but a coar{e ,Begirl'ning ; God come's Tor Fruit. I -what· have I ltere! fa;th God ; w-hat a FifJ -\tree is ' \ C\ this, rlpit hath fl:ood thi? 'Year in my .\'iceyard, and hath brought me fcinl1 liO (t) J ohri vi. Zc6. •• ,(u) AnF.lS vi. I. · , (~') 1 Sa:•.. ~v. ·3 z. I \