Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

' 1[,- ~ no Fruit. will cry unto him, Profeifor ! Barren Fig-tree, be fruitful ; · I look for .· Fruit, I expeCt Fruit, I muft · have Fruit, therefore bethink thyfelf. , At thefe \Vords the Profeifor paufe~ ; but theCe are put Words, · not Blows, therefore off ' goes this Cot1fideration from the Heart: When God comes. next ·year, he pnd s him · frill as h~ was, a barren, fruitlefs Cumber-ground. And now again ~1e complaihs, Here: are · ~~vo Jears gone·, ·and no ~ruit .aP":" pears ; vV ell, _l will defer mine Anger fo~ n1y N arne Sake (y). I wiH· defer mine A.nger, for my Praife, I wiil refra in fronz the~, that I cut tbe~ not off (as yet.) · I will yet wait to be ·gracious. But tbis helps not, . this hath not the !e:lft HH1uence upo11 the bar'ren, Fig-tree. ~uj0, faith he, he,re is nu Threatning : God is merciful; he. wilt defer his Anger, he ·waits to be gra-:- cious (z) ; ·I am not yet afraid~· 0 h_ow tmgod}y Men, that are unawares crep~ into the V·ineyard, Ho'w ' do tbe_y turn . the Grace of' God into Lafcivioufneft (a).. (y) Haiah :xlviiL 9• [ (a} ' lude 4~ E 6 · . 'Wen~ .... (z:} l!Hd'xxx.•., z:a:.. ',