Bunyan - R3329 .B37 1762

The Bart"eH Fig-'lree. 1 t 7 Spirit parleyeth a ~econd Tim.e, ,and urget.h Reafons of ~ new Nature; but tfie SiRner anfwereth, No ; , l hav~ love.d Strangers, and after them I '"luill go ( n). ' At this · God,s Fury ari(eth ; now he ·comes out of' his holy .Plac~, and js terrible : Now he fwe.ar.eth in his Wrath, they foall never enter i1JtO his Refl. \ r exercifed towards you. my . Patien~, ,. yet you have not turned to ine, faith · the Lord. I fmote you in y.our ~erfon, in yopr Relations, . in .your ' Eftat~, yet you have not' returned ).lnt~ me, faith the Lord.. In ,'thy . Filthinefi isLewdnefl·; becaufe I ,h,pv.e pit.rget;l thee, and thou waft not purge4 $ . thou /halt not be purged from thy. 'Filthi,nefs any more, till- I caufe my 1Rttry to .reft upon - thee (o,), Cut it dow11, ,, ~hy d.oth _it tttmber if?e. Ground? ' . - · ·· A Second SIc N. ... Another Sign tha·t fuch .a Profef~ for. is almoft (if not quite) paft Grace, · is, . ' (n) Amos iv. 6, 3, 9, 10, 11 . (o) Ezek. ~xiv. 13--